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Larry - Hold That Down lyrics

[Prod. Danny Wolf]

[Chorus: Larry] (X2)
Hold that down
I don't know when I'm coming right back around
You need to hold that down
Don't know when I'm coming back around

[Verse 1: Randy]
How the fuck you know me?
All gold like a trophy
All these bitches OD
Randy by his lonely
Hold that down, shawty hold that down
Randy B.I.G, finna snatch the crown
I just killed these fuck boys and I hope they know what's up
They all looking horse pull up in the porsche truck
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Ran off on your plug, Randy balling like I'm Rudy
Yung boi keep them clips but it ain't not fucking movie

[Chorus] (X2)

[Verse 2: Larry]
Who got the glory now
It's some shit I'm sorting out
This shit is purely style
Up forty stories now
Sensei keep them shooters in São Paulo
This bitch just spilled moscato in my auto
And why the fuck was you invited
I held shit down like I was hidin'
Loud pack screeching like a siren
I sipping purple he sip violet

[Chorus] (X2)

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