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Larry Weiss - To Make My Father Proud lyrics

To make my father proud
To make my mother smile
I need not conquere worlds, or fame
Not set, the pace for style

If I can follow through
On, what they gave me as my tools
I'll find a way to sail my course
Avoiding ships of fools

If I don't come up, number one
I'll stand not well apart
As one for numbered numbers
When knowing in my heart

I've done all to be done
To always do my best
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By listening to me, myself
So he can do or else
(Of without compromise
Shall follow the feel of constant care)

In my eleven hour
I'll be a man the way
To face whatever falls my way
Prepared that are a shame
To just be called a part of God

For which I have been named
A man and a woman's youngest son
While growing, still a child
And that will make my father proud
And make my mother smile...

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