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Larry Furlow - Dippin' & Out lyrics


True, true, yeah, I love it so
True, true, yeah, I love it so
I know it's what I wanna do
I know it's what I wanna do (x2)


I've been in my bag
I've been in my pad
I'm beating the stats
I'm bringing it back
I'm breaking the shackles
Tackle three motherfuckas
That's a crew, no hassle
The man, the legend
A 16 in a second
18 in a minute
That's short, I'm sure I'm gonna make it
Pushing your walls and you show me you're faking
Pushing your walls and you show me you're vacant
Pacing the room for attention
Facing the music I'm making
I'm acing the mission
A choking submission
The potent's sufficient
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I'm tasting
A bit of sativa
My sneakers are racing
My body is floating
My body is aching
You see what happens? (what happens?)
You see what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass, Larry? (goddamn)
Keep it missionary (yessir)
Keep it sanitary
Keep your mouth shut, bitch, I don't want commentary
I am a visionary
With visions of my future, my past
My kitchen
I'm cooked on that sassafras
That shit is fantastic
I wish my high lasted
Long enough to see my casket
Tragic life, I'm tryna move past it
Fuck romantics
Had a girl, that shit got drastic
First I was ecstatic
Then I shattered
She said "you gonna find a better girl"
That's flattering
Chasing my body while staggering
Buildings and patterns
Questioned God
That monster still ain't answering (that monster still ain't answering)

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