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Larry Fisherman - !Go Fish! Volume 3 lyrics

Larry fishyman, real fishy man
Nigga, my fucking allergies they killing me
Go fish, nigga

Ooh shit, who's this?
It's me, don't trip
Loose lips fall off
Got a dollar? Go fish
Not for you, probably told me, "Keep your money, don't give"
Big bih', big bitch, big bitch on my big dick
Bring me to Australia
In my city they got camera, see me they gon' tell ya'
Or tweet about it, tell ya'
Grandma selling dope like Nancy Botwin copped from Heylia
Shout out to my aunties, love Sytira and Shanella
If you didn't know me when you see me I'll scare you
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But I'm soft as cottonballs or a therapeutic bear, yea
Let me slow it down I got a problem
Those be trynna book me but won't let me in like [?]
So I won't be there like Austin Power's farzher
Do a show in no shirt and shoes in the Bahamas
Name change don't make the lame change
I'll make the game change, Live 2, make 2K change
Five-dollars niggas so a nigga had to make change
Wanna be the third Lucas brother, smoking dank-dank
Don't shout out where you not from saying, "gang gang" nigga!
That's not cute, fruity to booty
You living alternate lives giving you multiple tries
I'm blowing up to the sky, like trynna get multiple wives
I'm really nice with the rhymes, I'm really nice on a sofa
If you talking too much these niggas acquire [?]
Last name "Deez Nuts, " first name "Both of"
Middle name, "You bitches gon' come lick"
And inappropriate [?] time
Getting money, mama mad that I splurge
Go fish, nigga! (Pussy!)

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