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Larry Fisherman - !Go Fish! Volume 2 lyrics

Don't believe that loser's tale
In music cla**, only time he used a scale
Playing arpeggios, probably sold a little reggie but no blow
Yo, that scene is overcrowded
Plus I always was a skin but make no bones about it
Could buy a pack of shorts, still borrowing bogies for sport
Ain't gotta go to Long Island for a free Porter
Just look at son's regressions, ask to use his dice money to fund a session
The name's Y-O-D, not Lil Uzi Vert
Floozies come to me a** naked in the loosie shirt
We dedicated and playing it tight
Not talkin' ‘bout the ball players but I got my Brandon Wright
Even though the fans got no sight
I'm still visible, my j**elry pose light
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Get busy all night, need y'all to play 42 like a black Israelite
I just don't have the Payola
But how can you relate, you just a doja?
But hold up, set for the corner store
Weed carriers like Masta Ace, they was born to roll
I'm in a V bumping [?]
Put you to sleep faster than, yo, revoke your G-pa**
But nowadays I'm more about kale, ginger and wheat gra**
All that hood sh**, let's leave it in the past
It's been damn near a decade since I saw a skimask
We chillin', eating Chilean sea ba**

Let me ask you, what's your favorite fish?
I would say the Chilean sea ba** would be my favorite fish, it taste very good in the teriyaki sauce

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