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Larry Fisherman - Before The Intro lyrics

Yeah I think this gon be called
...Before The Intro

Look unconscious and non responding
Maybe that's how i'm feeling
But better off than feeling
I don't know man catching feelings
I don't like catching feelings
Because I do hate feelings
I mean to hurt your feelings
I am not a human being

Verse 1:
I'm iconic yeah I guess you could say that
Before the intro we ain't talking no maybach's
Ayo, play that back, lemme hear that
Still in the basement part 2 (Part 2 guess whose back)
Look i'm voting for Donald Trump, in his second term
You will all get burned, this King Mic's return
Ain't been here long, but I been here long enough
And it's tough, and it's rough, just got to stick it out man yup!

Okay i'm feeling good just had a talk with god
Turned away from the mirror because I am the god
Yeah that's bold but you got to be bold
To hold your own in this rap game, and I hope
I can inspire, and light that fire
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At the same time make all this dude's retire

Part 2
I'm still in the basement part 2
We ain't done yet dude

Post-Verse 2:
Look, I'm concise and i'm responding
Opened up my eyes
Fills my heart with pride
Swear I never cry
Because when I cry
It shows a weaker side
And between you and I
You are not that fly

Verse 2:
I'm a legend, yeah I swear i'll be a legend
My name ain't John, but imma legend imma legend
Going this direction, Where i'm heading where i'm heading?
To be a better me, to be a better me
Look i'm heading for greatness, earned not given
I am winning, no competition
I keep eating, man, when will I stop
I will stop once i'm on top

Cut the beat off
(Yo this the before the intro, now let's get back to the mixtape...SITBP2)

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