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Larry Fisherman - Aristocratic Anarchy lyrics

[Production by Larry Fisherman]

[Verse 1: Da$H]
Rap game Hunter S. Thompson or Jim Morrison prophet
Bitch took a few hits of acid and think my dick is the Lochness
I'm faded off this actavis, got me anything but active, bitch
Burning blunts of [?] big homie while I craft this shit
Penny off the henny, can't defend me like its '99
Envy tried to end me, none successful, though a couple tried
Bitch, crack a ex-trapping, car scammer
Slicker than some ball bearings
Drunk behind the wheel, to the top where I'm steering
Get indicted for tyranny, come barred out to the hearing
Young money hungry drug user, I'm exactly what they fearing
It feel like you made it when hoes start fucking off appearance

Sin and drugs
Sin and drugs
We got the plug
Bitches tryna fuck
Sin and drugs
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Sin and drugs
We got the plug
We high as fuck

[Verse 2: Vince Staples]
100 for the white tee, seven in the Seven
So a nigga really 9 deep
I don't play, I stay from the court
You from the hood but you stay on the porch
I stay with the torch, the Sig make stadium noise
A round of applause, I clap, send rounds at your jaws
A bounty on y'all, it's on sight, bound to get off
They stealing the flow, but so, a nigga still in the door
I'm still getting dough regardless, broads in my apartment
Call 'em for the bluff quick, bread long as muskets
Head wrong, I'm dumb sick, sawed off, the pump fit
Haul off your youngest, hearse boys, we murk boys
Turnt up, your life get turnt off

Sin and drugs
Sin and drugs
We got the plug
Bitches tryna fuck

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