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Larry Fisherman - Apparition Remix lyrics

(In reverse)
Wait, can you start me from, see where the bass comes in?
Oh, never mind
It's cool
Just keep going

[Verse 1: Jay Lav]
Been watched since the Apparition
Thought I was dead I'm wishin'
Wishin' you made a better decision
Instead I'm smoking weed
Looking for another mission
Liza didn't have to go
Someone drop the intermission while I sit out back flickin' ol' man winstons
I wish she was wiser though
We all got demons and ghosts
Loved ones and lost foes
Battle wounds and the tears go
Droppin to the floor
Now I'm colder as the days go, people droppin' just like day glow
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If you got a dead homie, put ya hands up
If you got a dead relative, put ya hands up
Let me know, we can lose the pain, hold
Do you ever miss them
Don't you ever wish

[Hook: Jay Lav] (x2)
Ghosts don't scare me
But they're aware of me
Spirits in my lyrics
You don't feel the pressure apparently
No I said they don't

[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
Okay I'm way beyond the boundaries, outside of parameters
The rap chancellor, jacket made of camel fur
And Clockwork got every single answer 'cept time
I've experienced every feelin' except fine
I'm line dancin' again

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