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Larry Boone - The Parish of Space Dust lyrics

[Radio tuning]
Cowboy town
I need a small vacation

[Country Legends 97.1 FM Houston Texas]
Good morning, it is 45 degrees at six o'clock and here's the headlines [?]
First lets check out the traffic reports
God bless Texas

Oh, Texas can you hear me?
Speed up on the dawn
[Lyrics from: https:/]
To the plains and blues of Houston
In the sun

Where home is a rust
In the parish of space dust
(Where the mountains die)
And today is golden

[News announcement]
[?] arrested and charged with second degree robbery and by the way he was also violating probation
What's the difference between first degree and second degree robbery
Uh, a degree, [?] it's as close as I know brother I can't help you
Have a great time [?]

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