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Larkz - Let It Rain lyrics

Verse 1
Rain drops tapping on my roof top
Staring out the window wondering when it could stop
Immediately thinking all I ever see is rain
But then I remembered something to alleviate the pain

Everything'll happen in time
Meaning if all you see is clouds, then eventually you'll see sunshine
So why stress about life, its not good for your health
You got problems? well so does everyone else!

So tell me why do you deserve to be different
It's all part of the human experience
Don't feel a little petty, doing all the things that you do
Fussing over things everybody has to go through

If you're tired of being sad, just accept it
And move on, go and switch up your perspective
It isn't that hard, if you really want a change
Life burns all the time, so let it rain

Go ahead and let it rain…
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Just smile in the rain
It'll still feel the same
Just cool...

Verse 2
I'm overweight, asthmatic, and I suffer from eczema
I have allergies to food that most enjoy on a regular
But despite my weak lungs, scarred skin and round physique
I am totally unashamed of that fact that this is me

Sure I'll admit there are things I wanna change
I'm just saying I don't stress about my current state
I'm a product of a power that is higher than us all
So even though I'm 5'5”, I am still standing tall

I think that people shouldn't dwell in negativity
Because in the end it is all wasted energy
Love yourself and you will reach the epiphany
That you're the very person that fed your own insecurities

Smile once in a while, and just laugh a bit
You tricked yourself into thinking you're inadequate
It isn't hard if you really want to change
Life burns all the time, so go ahead and let it rain

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