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Landon Tewers - Eyes Wide Shut lyrics

Faith is the drug of choice
A pandemic, a vice like no other
Leeching onto the weak
Spread the word, spread the disease

Spread the disease!

An idol to millions, disciple to One
A burden to many, example to none
Blind faith, the product of hate
Your flawed judgement shows your mind's derisory

You're living in fallacy and greatly deluded
Thinking you're chosen, just hugely misguided
A modern day shepherd
Without consequence or self purpose

Brainwashed by blood, in the name of tradition
You're unaware of the power that you possess
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Your Eyes Wide Shut
The untold influence, upon the innocent
Our blood is on His hands

Misinterpretations and mistranslations
A fictional story passed down through the ages
Ignorance reigns free
Despite all that you see

Adapting your truths to fulfil your prophecy
Your unproven beliefs

Condemn me to Hell for what I don't believe
'The holder of the scripture is the breeder of hate'

Wake up, pull the wool from your eyes
Just for a second to see past the lies
Wake up, pull the wool from your eyes
It's mans word passed down as divine

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