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Lais - Something New lyrics

[Verse 1]
I dont wanna say that I'm cold
I mean I am but it's a part of me being me
That's all, it's nothing personal, yeah
I did you wrong, but give and take
We live and learn
So don't sit upon the same shit for like 4 years strong
You hate me for my actions
But I love you just for that shit
Cause I've never met a girl to make it this hard for me to last so fucking long
I mean like Cassius Clay in the middle of a mass display
Castle made of love burned down, but my past erased
I mean it's hard for me to show you love
The way it's hard for you to show me patience
Waiting for the moment you'll cave in
That's taking forever and forever isn't really true
Thought about it hard, who's perfect, it's clearly you
So wait a second
Sit that sexy ass down
Let me show you what the real me do
And burn out all the fucking lights and let me get a taste of you
Switch it up show me how much you hate me
Do this alone

All I need is something new
Can't you show me something new
All I need is something new from you
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All I need is something new

[Verse 2]
I know I'm smooth with the words
You live the way that I talk
Slurred out accent
Trynna pass it with a sway in my walk now
Tell me what you really like
I mean I could talk music for days
But that ain't you and it's cool
Give me something new for my tastes
Give me something that I ain't knew from my days
It's been up and down
Fucking 'round, love and lust
Fuck and bust, trynna cuddle up 'til the sun's up
And Ima live and wonder, "Huh, how the fuck I make it this far"
When I keep on running from love
I know theres no fun in none but I guess I'm different
You blowing kisses I know they ain't supposed to miss
But I'm a poster kid for disses
Can't you bring me closer to bliss?
Closer to this
[?] for my folks up in the 6 or the 7
City boy still repping, I know I'm catching my blessings
Baby, in a perfect world is love
But we ain't perfect just accept it
I can be your lesson and your session one


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