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Lais - For You (Remix) lyrics

Feat : Skizzy Mars

[Chorus: Lais](2x)
This is for you, for you
This is for you, for you
And for her too
It has to be for her too

Verse 1: [Lais]
I never meant to hurt you, I'm just loose on this purple
Just to fade off (just to fade off)
We talked about our souls and we talked about our roles
And how we changed now (how we changed now)
She said she understood me, and we wound up under her
She said "just play though" (just play though)
Now I'm laying in your bed, thoughts of her, still in my head
Talking should I be ashamed now

[ChorusL Lais]

[Verse 2: Skizzy Mars]
Off some weed and liquor, fuck her to "Ignition"
It's all love why you trippin'? I just think you both look pretty
She said she love New York, I say "Welcome to my city"
Black and white like the '50s, I'll be smoking 'til I'm sixty
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You know a lot of people always say life is short. Life is short. Time is short. And it does, as we get older, time is does quickened. It's long, and it's long pertaining to that thought. That the past is not done with you because you can't get rid of it, so therefore, it's a different person. Get a glimpse of what you may have wanted or what it could've been and it can start to happen in your life now. But in the past...

[Verse 3: Skizzy Mars]
Don't make this harder than it needs to be
I know you want to leave with me
I rolled a joint inside the cab
Smoked and watch the scenery
Saying "she the only one" but she not believing me
But my girl's not here right now, let's just have some decency
Let's be honest, past behind us, what you really think of me?
Hop up in this cab, come Uptown, show you round
Just turned twenty-one, I ain't done with all my schemery
Get y'all in the same room, that'd be like a dream to me
We got a bottle, we should let it flow (let it flow)
Holdin' onto dreams, we should let'em go (let'em go)
Screaming so loud, you hear the echo (echo)
And you fresh but she fresh too (but she fresh too)
And she gon' tell her friends I'm a asshole (asshole) (2x)
But in the morning then she coming back though (back though) (2x)

[Verse 1 Repeated]

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