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Lady Zamar - RIA lyrics

Hold up
I know you have to travel past the pyramids
And maybe say "Hi" to the sultan
Dressed in red and yellow

No, it's past the deserts in Central Africa
Yeah, now, now I can direct you properly past Tanzania
No, no, no, no, no, not Namibia

You'd have to get into Beitbridge
Yeah that's an awfully long way to hear the sounds of [?]
Broken, soulful
But I like jet lag

Yeah, yes, now you pa**ed Musina
You might wanna take the N1 or the N4
I'm not really sure
I'm about town not direction, yeah
I'll leave that to the navigation

But when you pa**ed Jozi and possibly Midrand
It's where the [?]
The change in the air, the smooth flow of
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I'd like to call it RIA

If it was possible to rename music genres according to
Cities and town I'd give Tshwane music "RIA"
What genre is that again?


The sound of home
The sound of home (x8)

[Verse 2]

I like it, oh I love Jazz (RIA)
I like, oh I love Soul (RIA)
I like it broken, yo (RIA)
Cotton Candy Picnic (RIA)
King and Queen, royal shutdown (RIA)
WrestleMania (RIA)
Mother of all melodies (RIA)
Friends with benefits (RIA)

[Chorus] (x8)

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