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L'A Capone - No Comparison lyrics

600 we in this bitch
Yeah we do hits
All flex we get reckless
Lil D with in my sticks
Rondo make it tragic
Do a hit this a pen magic
Better chill when we doin the hit
Cause them jakes gonna be poppin quick
Pillowtalking you get cut off snitch
Tay600 got the rugers bitch
Cdai got 22 shots so
I don't think you should be talking shit
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The thots lil D Block an shit
We da real D Block an shit
They don't even wanna walk through my hood
Cause they we be poppin shit
On da phone with GBE's
They know got the .223
Gettin fat boy, y'all dont eat
See a stain he get put to sleep
Bar bar i be packing heat
Ruger with me he be swanging deep
My team where the edges be
Yall know it all claim it be

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