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L'A Capone - I Got It lyrics

I say my n***as know they got it if I got it
And I dont wanna hit yo loud, blunt I got it
Another day, Another b**h, and she exotic
And we stay peelin' off them rolls, f** a wallet
They say 600 ain't out here, boy stop it
Run up on me, got that toaster in my pocket
b**hes askin' me for money, I don't got it
He be sneak dissin, we'll catch him in traffic

[Verse 1]
I pull up on blocks they like that's 600
I slide the door back now everybody runnin'
Now I been seein hella b**hes since the money
I guess they like how I done came up from nothin'
See i'm a mouse, yeah I need all the cheddar
He a rat, i'm gone k** em, not gone sweat em
Im with lil d you know he totin' that Beretta
Cdai with me if you knew better you'd do better
I f**ed yo b**h, I had to put her on my schedule
They stay on instagram liking all my pictures
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A lotta loud, pourin lean out the pitcher
She text my line like "yo d**** was so delicious"


[Verse 2]
I can't do no video without my n***as
In every video i'm bussin' off them hittas
Banana clips, we some apes, we gorillas
Baby 9 on me, i'm a babysitter
I be movin' real slow, ain't no liquor
Well its liquor but my liquor a lil thicker
And i'm still duckin' dodgin' from the slickers
Ain't no time for the station, can't be miserable
Jumpmans on, had em last week
While you in line, tryna fight for yo feet
Livin' room, cool air, kick feet
You in yo bedroom, tryna fight the heat


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