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L'A Capone - Brothers lyrics

See now you can f** my b**h, cause n***a i'm the sh**
I'll salute ya, but yall know who i'm with
So try to take my sh** ima shoot ya
And we all lost a couple this year, so all us here with eachother
I'm here with my brothers, in here with my brothers

[Verse 1: L'A Capone]
Only each other, only each other
Riding round town on that same sh**, n***as get changed quick
You ain't seen sh**
I hope you got a blunt of loud, you can't hit my sh**
I guess im caught in the mix, riding the six
Hell yea im on paper still totting the nick
I promise I won't switch, You son of a b**h
At 16 had a dream, we was gonna get rich
We gone wake up, put the pipe on
Always been on my own, But I stay strong
Ack got me put in my zone, Feeling like I wanna go home
But I'm out here
I put that bud in my ear, I gotta see a mil one year
Squad they fear, Jakes all up in our hair
One of us snitch, that's rare
And that's on bro, I'll ever never go broke
n***a i'll take your coat, while i froze
My little n***a steve got smoked, throwing up 060
Gotta lay low, n***as ain't really your bro


[Verse 2: Rondonumbaine]
Only my n***as, we all some hitters
Im in that glory lane, just trying to get richer
Im in that glory lane , loud in my system
They took my bro L'A, Man I can't even picture
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They took a f**ing savage man, bro was a k**er man
Bro was going crazy, now sh** done got real
f** this rap sh**, I say sh** that got real bro
Run up and we k** stuff, act up we gon' let it bust
And lets get it, all the fu sh** I ain't with it
Put the Glock to his motherf**ing fitted
n***a you with it, try to act like you ain't with it
Put the pipe to his mouth like a dentist, on lil steve
b**h im throwing up B's, n***a that's where I be
I'm smoking on tree, Alot of f**ing money on me
Riding up and down Front Street


[Verse 3: Lil Durk]
Lost Pluto, feel so weak
Lost a couple n***as in these cold a** streets
I lost my brother, so I keep my heat
Made me turn up when I see the opps tweet
L'A my bro, Rob, Odee, Lil Moe, All these hoes gone go when I claim my gang
n***as never snatched my chain, out here looking for a stain
Ain't no lame, ask anybody I ain't changed
n***as switch up for that chain, L's this year there in line
Tweak with the guys, then you getting flat lined
Take that nine free my guys, my lil bro Nine on his grind
OTF my n***as they shine, top from a opp she blow my mind
Keep my gun, sh** real, say it on my son
I'm trying to get rich in a month, for the squad
Better put kush in that blunt, pour a four in that crush, i stunt
I can't trust any n***a loud around his gun, that mean he ain't real at all
Im a ball, lil n***a bout to do it tall, I just wanna live it all
I call my bro, do a drill for the squad I go
Two gun cases I blow so let them all know
I'm a ride or die for my squad, I'm a ride or die for my squad

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