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L'A Capone - Some More lyrics

[Hook - L'A Capone:]
We gon' hit the mall and we gon' hit the stores
Then we gon' blow some bands yeah then we go get some more
And we gon' hit the club yeah we gon' shake the floor
It's all about finessin my n***a i need more [x2]

[Verse 1 - L'A Capone:]
I'm all about my bands, paper cuts on hands
I'm rocking with my day ones, wa**up wit' yo' new friends
You down or f**in' what? Lil homie whats the plan?
Ain't talkin' that 600 sh**, I may not understand
My n***as packin' heat, all up in K.O.D
Or we might be in traffic, still ain't had sh** to eat
'Cuz I been off them bands, ho prolly off the Goose
I swear I love rollin', them mollies have me through
I'm LA who are you? 600 thats the crew
God damn I love designer, my b**h in Jimmy Choo
But I don't have a wife, she my b**h for the night
If she was catching bodies then it might be alright
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Got lean all in my sprite, we in it every night
We all livin' savages, we move with them pipes


[Verse 2 - Huncho Hoodo:]
We gon' tear down Lenox and f** up every store
Prolly cruisin' in them foreigns you can't catch me in no Ford
We gon hit the strip club, 1's fallin' on the floor
b**hes shakin' a**es, screaming "we want more, we want more"
I'm 6Huncho to the core, 600 thousand in the drawer
Since we jumped up off that porch, 600 counties when we tour
All designer what I wore, this shirt right here cost me 'bout 4
Hoppin' out the top I drop 'cuz you know I don't use no doors
b**hes askin' who is he, Huncho Hoodo who I be
Say she wanna ride with me because my car cost 'bout a ki
But my sh** don't take no key, I be walkin' on them P's
I got bands all on my wrist and I ain't talkin' V.I.P


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