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L'A Capone - Round Hear lyrics

Its a lot of violence around here
So a lot of sirens around here
A lot of people dying around here
A lot of people crying around here
Never lacking keep it on my hip
Sneak dissing Is bad for your health
You better be prepared around here
A lot of people scared around here
And they clapping poles around here
Catching bodies old around here
We just six and O's around here
We ain't chasing hoes around here
We loyal bros around here
Our circle closed around here
You can't trust a soul around here
Cause them people be in they ear

Me and folks in the Range
Trying to find a stain
Whole block got cane
But stay in your lane
Cause n***as getting changed
f** n***as can't hang
Allergic to lames
They say they Insane
Until n***as see brains
It seems to plain
Them n***as won't bang
That sh** is insane
My n***as in cuts
My n***as in trucks
They don't give a f**
So keep yo head up
Them hitters fed up
So you out of luck
Off molly and lean
That don't mean a thing
He swing, I swing
My phone it ring
Yo b**h pop on my screen
Then that's what it is. then that's what it is
She feeling the kid,yea she feeling the kid
She like how I live
I'm busting off pills
600 so real, 600 so real, 600 do drills
Don't none of them squeal
So hot we can't chill
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Don't smoke out the seal
My n***as forreal


And you know I gotta trap
So I keep taking naps
True pants with the flap
Yo mans wanna rap
He should give it a nap
600 the best, got sh** on my chest
That sh** ain't a vest
Boy I wear mac's and tek's
And none of them rest
A p**y gets stretched
Now I feel like a vet
Put n***as in check
Better show some respect
Cause this where its at
I do what I want
You do what you can
Finna pull out the can
Can't wait till he land
Cause shorty ain't playing
And shorty be spraying
Around here understand
We the hottest who stand
I think I got tans
Pull up we so loud
We smoke out the pound
On this side of town
And ima throw down
So the plate can go around
We gonna eat now
I think I lost count
Its many mans down
I'm ducking the Crowns
I wasn't around, I won't make a sound
Keep snitches from around
Now I'm looking down, and she looking up
But I did not f**, but I got a nut
So shorty what's up, you leaving or what
Catch me in them cars, or probably the mac
b**h that's where I'm at
I love my set
Around here you get whacked


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