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L'A Capone - 600 Barz lyrics

[Intro: 2Pac]
Im not saying I'm gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I'll spark the brain that will change the world

[Verse 1]
Fuck it, they done woke the savage up
Opps ridin' so I gotta keep the cannon up
It's funny that he mentioned it, I guess I am nuts
Slash zookeeper cause these folks is animals
Now keep up, ya bitch we need her
Only 13 watchin' em put the keys up
The deuce 5 made homie freeze up
Got on, next thing you know I had to re-up
Steady rollin' up thoinks in the dutch
Just a wild young nigga I ain't never give a fuck
Killas out lurkin' got broski in the cut
Bad bitch on the left of me screamin' "Whassup"
All it's goin' take for me to get the black 8
Drop rakes, jump gates, then they put the red tape
Feds on our ass, 59th ain't safe, just a lot of young hot heads at 6Trey
Free the hittas, there's a couple of 'em left, but don't think shits sweet cause you can still meet death
Fix his ass up if he need a repair
Never fall for a bitch, love don't sleep here
Got money over here, got money over there
Triple stacks in my system, thoinky in the air
Double R jeans fall over my wheats
Catch a body over east
We back now next week
We really on KD, me, Malik, and Lil Dee
Dreads swingin in my face, black hoodie ACG
The way we do hits got the cops like "Geez, stop all of that drillin, we beggin, just please"
The bitch on her knees soundin' like she can't breathe
Feelin' like I can't breathe smokin' trees out the tree
Rest in peace Steve, can't believe they took bro
Put it on 2-4, he was so kick-door
You already know how the street shit go
Catch a opp, drill a opp, shotty leave him on the floor
D Thang block, niggas knowin' how we rock, fat slugs like they came in a Milk Duds box
And if you want the cake, gotta flip those rocks
Gotta hit them stains, and swindle them thots
Slide through the opps
4 deep in the car
They runnin', they fallin, but we ain't even stop
Team on top
Shouts out to BossTop
54 to 64, got the city on lock
Never worry 'bout a opp
Cuz I move with the jock
Bitch niggas better stop, you ain't tryna get popped
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Small ass circle, starting to look like a dot
Bet his back hit the floor from the hollow chest shots
And I don't trust a bitch like my name's
59th and Calumet, I be on that block
Bad bitches on me, popped toes, get back
Got a bad lil bitch, all the bros hit that
We ain't with the chit-chat
But we love the click-clack
Got a brand new gat, yeah, that bitch get that
Call up Pluto brodie, where the pills at?
Got a group of bad bitches, they like "Where the pills at?"
Opps ain't drillin', they like "Where the field at?"
SK goin' crazy, boy, we can't conceal that
Steady hittin' stains like Gain
Your man he's a lame, he ain't never sold 'caine
For D Thang, bro'nem go insane
Numbanine a young wild nigga, can't be tamed
Team full of, team full of, team full of goblins
Never had a job, always been robbin'
When they caught bro, it was like Bin Laden
It's L'A Capone, Dblock, we mobbin
Naw, the shit ain't stoppin
The scene get bloody when we get the opps shoppin
The lame lost me, went and got the cop blockin'
My city Chiraq, 600, we poppin
Yeah, we poppin, hennie, remi
And wishes come true like my name's Lil Timmy
Give his ass 55 shots out the semi
Nice asscheeks with the long ass (?)
Come through the 9, my niggas ain't friendly
I'm Lil Santa Claus, I'll come through your chimney
Fuck shit offend me
Don't get your ass lined up
And if you Young Money, better know your fuckin' time up
Welcome to the dime
L's or Y's
A lot of these real niggas just snakes in disguise
So open up your eyes
And you better think wise
Or your ass'll be servin' milkshakes with the fries
I remember watchin' step dad make pies
And it stuck in my head so I gotta get cash
Bullets get to flyin' then you better think fast
I done seen bodies drop at a fucking repass
This is Drillinois where we kill a lot of boys
Kids play with big toys and they run with big boys
Little ass girls, tryna get they clit moist
Stay out of my city, it's a legit choice

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