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L9 - Reckless Living lyrics

[Verse 1: L9]
I'm sinning on the daily but swimming in love
I ain't never seen change come from covering up
My dude said he won't come Christ till he clean his self up
I say you'll never be clean enough, we hard wired to screw it up
Yo, my whole life is full of screw ups
Thanking God on a daily He see His son when He see us
Cause, looking at me I know I'm dirty and ratchet
I ain't deserve Christ, I deserve a close casket
But I walk around and I live it; got these Pharisees livid
Free Grace, so I get it; read the word, so I spit it
Watch the light beam and watch 'em act like they hate it
But I know they really need it, hear they heart screaming
Nothing like being wrecked and being set free
Even when I was reckless, He found a way to love me
And apart from what some pastors say, I know Christ love me anyway
And it wasn't determined by my tithes and offering
Or saying Bless you and they sneeze and coughing
It all makes sense like a pocket full of change
Who cares what it appears, if there's never real change
"Let's teach em how to act" that's what I see most
Well I don't know how to act, I'm more reckless than before
I know what might heard of, but this ain't quite it
Yeah we getting Reckless this is music for riots, riot

This is music for riots, riot
Let's see who can lift their hands the highest
I know what they expected; but this far more reckless
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Oh yeah, this is far more reckless

[Verse 2: Swade]
I grew up another screw-up
Got introduced to his grace and it changed my whole crew up
Righteous living in lieu of living my own way
I was giving that new love but at the end of the day
I am still human and I am still learning
But the fire that's been started will never stop burning
I was yearning for the mullah yearning for the status
Trying to make it to the top without the proper apparatus
I was savage in my living wasn't cooking in the kitchen
But was cooking death until the Lords intervention
And now I am on a mission to go and make noise
We “All In Or Nothing” and I am mobbing with my boys
Like hey yo what's up we in here we here now
And all those walls that you put up we tear down
They wear crowns and try to tell us they ruling
But his power never parted I don't know who they fooling
Wait yeah I do they fooling my generation
We playing 2-3, but giving up penetration
What? so we better get our hands up
Might get knocked down, but please remember to stand up
Stand up and fight for what you believe in
This ain't a game, but trust me my whole team in
Try to shut us down but I can't stay quiet
Yeah, we getting reckless this is music for riots, riot


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