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L9 - Little Time lyrics

[Verse 1]
Writer's block, I'm praying this be the end of it
Raw emotions, I'm praying this be the oven
To cook it up and serve it
I don't know, maybe not yo
My temperature rising, I'm still feeling hostile
I look around in a lit room and it's dark to me
Know I'm a new christian but since then
New scars been attached to me
What's wrong with me
They say they exercise they demons
It's seems like mine getting the best of me
Been on the ground so long, I swear coming I'm apart
Of it 'til now I never did question my heart
I question every beat, like what you beating for
Lungs pumping slow, like hold up what you breathing for
I don't know, I know I better find out soon
Lord never forsake me, but I'm praying He send help soon
Yeah, these dark nights got me feeling different
Like I'm all alone, but who knows, I could be tripping

Maybe I'm all alone here on earth
Maybe not, either way, I know it's time to work
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When the dark nights come I'll be fine
Just give me a little time
Just give me a little time
Just give me a little time
Just give me a little time

[Verse 2]
Maybe I put too much on you
Too soon, maybe I misinformed you
I don't know how it happened, I just know how I'm feeling
I'll probably feel different, by the time you hear it
Or still feel all alone, somewhere writing the same lyrics
Kinda hoping you read 'em and feel 'em; kinda hoping you don't
Hoping you leave me alone, but I'm praying you won't
See I don't know
Cause these days I be confused; I be thinking too much
Or I think too little about the stuff that should matter much
It's so confusing, I need the Lord to guide me
Tell me when to go live and pick the time to hide me
I guide myself to heartache and being empty again
Work to be done but I'm having trouble focusing
And my dudes they be noticing
Rightfully so, it's grind time and I'm off yo


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