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L9 - Brighter Days lyrics

[Verse 1]
Walk in the real loud, I ain't said nothing
I ain't did much
I live reckless baby what live for
The cross ain't joke for me
I'm turnt up like suppose to be
No rosary, but I spend time with the Father so they notice me
I can't help it G, there's no excusing me
Naw naw you can never get rid of that
Never belittle the fact
We young and living that
Reckless reckless life
No matter what it look like rep the Christ
My dudes got it tatted Rev 2:10
Matt 12:30 them misfits all in
So we don't care about what they care about
Cause God turnt us up and then send us out
So excuse me as I zone out
Excuse me as I sit truly try to figure out
How to be as reckless as possible
Have my life scream Christ as much as possible
Never been cool dude why try now
Always kept it a 100 so why start to lie now
Naw naw my moms wouldn't be proud
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This is for the missionaries and the strangers locked down

Until we see brighter days

[Verse 2]
Me and my dudes all in though
Matthew 12:30 if you really wanna go yo
Let em talk and get louder too
What you thought the enemy was suppose to do
Come through get your whole team strapped up
Middle of a war we never scared to act up
Shine bright till the dark get it
Till they free and don't seem tinted
That's the only way to ever live it
That's the only way ill ever spit it
Live Christ and its never hidden
I'm trying to give it to those who never get it
Love to those who risk life just to live it UH!
This life ain't mine I'm reckless living till I'm all out of time
I'm shining bright until the Christ come and say that it's time
They say I'm out of my mind


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