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L Jinny - Final Stage lyrics

Gifted and young, blessed with the wisdom of flippin' grub
Lyrics paint pictures so vivid, sippin' that bitter cup
I'm tryna side the light from distance but there isn't much
Driven by sickness from this wickedness I live amongst
Driven by sickness, it's a pity we didn't come up
Still stuck behind these castle walls, akhi I'm going nuts
God is my only judge, rub it then roll it up
Rub it then roll it, my brother crumple it then roll it up
Staring at that eye of the beast, bout to weather the storm
I spend my life on these streets, tryna rep for the cause
I can catch them nights without sleep, when I head to the morgue
Am I next to be corpse brudda come venture my thoughts
They don't wanna give me the recognition that I deserve
They don't wanna see my record spinning, I bring life to words
Harder I work, further they set me back, it's like a curse
All I got in this life of sin is my nine and my word
Driving round in that digger, hot meals, no Zinger
Got bills to pay so them rocks bring the income
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No relying on a nigga, I just drive up then pick up
Dice up then flip my akhis rise up their sticks
Light up the trigger on the night that he snitch yo
These bruddas stuntin' but they're really broke
I'm tryna get 100 on the Richter bro
I'm tryna put my mother in that bigger home
How did I end up here?
Despite my hunger, I've fed 'nuff peers
Hit my skunk then I shed some tears
Cause I miss my younger, that's dead unfair
But I'm here, still here, I ain't leaving
Tryna hold it down for my legions
Some of them are hounds, put me in the ground for my Peer
Fuck around, sucker down, that's treason
Yeah, that's treason, make a motherfucker hate that he's breathing
Soon I'll be leaving, give me something to believe in
Soon I'll be leaving, give me something to believe in
Something to believe in, yeah
Yeah, it's LJ

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