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L Jinny - Problems Of A Talented Life lyrics

[Mya Sky]
[?] tick tock my time it doesn't last
My life is only just begun and yet I'm in the fast lane
I found my car lane and be what I am today
Thru listen to the [?]
Then lose their heads [?] life of me
Karma's so much darker
When the consequences true just to see
Through the years just trapped in, all the nights that we never will see

Pain, fame, dream
Problems of a talented life
Fake, brave, rage
Problems of a talented life
Fade, fame, dream
Problems of a talented life
You need to be more aware cause the problems don't compare to the problems of the talented life

[Verse 1: L Jinny]
Come step into my shoes brudda
How you gonna tell me buy a new comer
I promote word to these bored nerds with a more verbs you get slaughtered I'm a lose nutter
How you think man spit with a flow like this
Whole night shift plus I never wrote my shit
From the heart to the head to the mic
Cause I'm Jay Z, flex for the bars with the best
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Keep testing my patients WHAT!
Yeah, I'm surround by blatant, haters, fakes and snakes and pagans WHAT!
I don't really care, I'mma take that spot


[Verse 2: Tabanacle]
But it seen
Wanna see me failin'
Ok tear your life [?]
And get television place in and all wanna hailin
No waiting, no patients, I'm go sick to my names in a major
Filling out souls for face and paper
Sick of being labeled rolled and wasters
Imma waving the talks cause I flow right
He got no rhyme cause I can blow ur mind
Better no better no realer
When I leave [?]
When the other mc's tryna stepping to my shows time


[Verse 3: Leeroy Reid]


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