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L Jinny - Overdose lyrics

[Produced by Pinerobeats]

L Jinny
Free my brudder Kaz, the realest out
You know what it is

[L Jinny]
Couple rappers turned Drake, the rest turned Milli
Others Rick Ross, fuck it, I just burn phillies
I'm still the same Jinny, still the same Jin-NAY
Lonelier, but wiser, with a bit of rage in me
Uh, I'm kind of glad that I ain't made it yet
Cause all the hunger makes me grateful when I gain success
Spread love, get fucked, that's the way it feels like
Showed love, got fucked over paper bills, uh
Just let a brother live his life in peace
Just let a brother live his life in peace
Let me sip a glass piffin' on that limey green
Reminisce the past, wishing on a time machine, huh
Now man are screamin' that they started from the bottom
I said, you're at the bottom if you aren't at the top
And screaming they're back, when no one even noticed they'd left
That's right we all know who just fronts it
I walk through my hometown looking for love
He tapped me on my shoulder, told me that there wouldn't be much
Cause we're surrounded by nothing but black hearts
And the love is all drowned on the straps bar
What's your intention when you look me in the eyes, buzzin'?
Would you ride frontline with the nine clutchin'?
Or is my life nothing? I'm not surprised, cousin
All this stress and depression is pressing my buttons
Uh, now half the pharmacy's sittin' in my bloodstream
Plus liquor, enough green, just wishing I buss, please
I'm sick of of this drug fiend, the pigs and the dumb beef
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Maybe I'm stuck for life, what's written is unseen
I guess it's all just part of the plan
Still I pedal the Q into half of a grand, uh
I guess it's all just part of the plan
Still I play the game without a card in my hand
Then I, remember sitting in the cunch line trap
Surfing the net, sick of this punch line rap
Yeah, it's cool but I need something with a deeper meaning
And Food for thought, something that will keep me eating
Unfortunate kid, my belly hurts cause it's empty
Yeah, I love feeling like this world is against me
Imagine gettin' paid when my pen bleeds
Instead I'm tryna make all the ends meet
I guess it's all just part of the plan
They use to laugh but now they part of the fans
Take a blast of that dank
Believe I'm grafting till I'm parting this land
How can you judge what you do not know?
How can you love what you do not trust?
Now let me take you to the real side
(real side, Let me take you to the real side)
Heavy like metal, the deadliest rebel, I'm setting the level with cold flows
My enemies trap while they're telling their friends "have you settled for repping a postcode?"
I said that's a definite no-go, enemies testing my patience
I'm simply the best in Great Britain, and similar replications
Nah, I'm not gassing, ask about the CV
Was moving reckless [?] these brudders just Luigis
Watch me shut the game down, motherfuckers, stay out
Man, I do it for the family, I ain't looking for no praise now
Yeah, I been sinning since I was five
And I ain't braggin' fam, I'm just saying
My dad in younger got given life
I'm lucky I'm not sitting in jail
Hip hop really don't stop
Last laugh gon' be Jinny's now (Last laugh gon' be Jinny's)

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