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L Jinny - Op Censor Dis 2 lyrics

Yeah, Tabanacle
Black triangle

[Verse 1: Tabanacle]
We walked the dirt and the granite and we will survive
Runnin' scared to the masses now fear in their eyes
We start ready to fight when the dragon will rise
Till they open up the earth we can black in the skies
Cause we steady comin' to 'em, we spreadin' like a plague
See these evil tryna stop us they ain't gettin' in our way
This is message to the people in a city full of slaves
Sick livin' in the system ain't never gonna change

[Verse 2: L Jinny]
Grievin', I sense the trouble lurkin' beneath me
The demons, they're crumblin' the earth into pieces, HUH!
These fuckers tryna burnt me for treason
Emergency meetin', cover up and serve in a reason
So we tell them that we've had enough
Energy accumulates mercen-aries, gather up
[?] a huge debate, turbulence is maxi-mum
Emergin' into rapid crush, turn them into ash and dust

[Verse 3: Proverbz]
Uh, its all is I feel is danger
Panic I see hidden in the face of a stranger
And this trust in the face of my neighbor
Paranoia spreadin' through the brains of the traitor
There is no escape from the judgement, this way
In a hundred escape, in the jungle of mazes
The thunder and rain, and the mask on the faces
Since the heartbeats are racin', the darkness we're facin'

[Verse 4: Tabanacle]
We emerge from the shad-ows in the cities you sleep
Through the hurt, though the panic, though the livin' of greed
A sudden surge on the planet, people fillin' the streets
And we gonna occupy the land of every city you see
Took control of our lives and they keep us in debt
So many lies have been told, too many secrets are kept
And if you ever thought they didn't, you ain't seen it yet
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You need to open your eyes start seein' a threat
We been kept in the cradle while this evil evolved
In a battle for our minds and the key to our soul
Tryna stop us on our rise so they keep us at home
Cos they don't never wanna see us put their evil on hold
So put the tents down, look we in the trench now
Head down fightin' for the cause we represent now
Tear the fence down wavin' the flag
And we ain't stoppin' in our tracks till we brought the whole net down

[Verse 5: Proverbz]
So we're spreadin' like venom of a virus
Expect us anonymous we never will be silenced
Codes so encrypted they will never be deciphered (No!)
You can step forward and test us, try us, arrest us, deny us
You will never smoke us, even breathless and lifeless, defenceless and frightened
We're findin' a way to bring an end to the violence
The lies that define us, the people pretend to be righteous
So we're here standin' in the fires and take back the power of triangular alliance
To seek out the changes that they wrote on papyrus
In secrets they stole when the gold of the Mayans
But I know now there's no one man listen in this island
The way he see me comin' up I've been standin' with the Titans
An army full of warriors a boat full of pirates
A legion in masks and a handful of snipers

[Verse 6: L Jinny]
The power force emergin' from the darkest of corners
Marchin' with an army of warriors startin' disorder
Askin' on the bastards that haunt us is masterful puppets
Hackers and shooters are ridin' with the mightiest team
Backin' computers are windin' through the eyes of your screens
Rappers and looters are writin' all these giant machines
Rapidly writin' and fightin' all the lies that they've seen
Catchin' the climate through chemicals released in the air
Capturin' minds and gettin' in the sheep with his pair
Fracturin' spines observin' the beast in the lair
Demons appear from hell bring the deepest to fed
Black triangles appearin' in the midst the of sky
Scriptures of rhymes and riddles that I'm bringin' to life
Shimmerin' lights and pictures that will trickle, ignite
Crippled inside, this system is a primitive lie
(Black Triangle)

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