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L Jinny - Dog Pound lyrics

L Jinny
This is why I'm one of the best
No pen no pad
That's word to my brudder
Beni huwa

[L Jinny]
Okay they say, blood makes you related
Loyalty makes you family
A man that I was raised with, wouldn't betray me casually
It's easy to complain when you sleepin' on feathered bed in my dreams
Made It cannot be deal with these fakes I met
These demons and snakes and cadies are eager, to break the man in me
Nah, tell em leavin' I'm takin' casualties
Leave it at that till I bleed I won't say your majesty
Yak! Give me reason I'll break you happily
Liquor circulatin', weed up in my lungs
All it takes is patience, GrayZilla told me once
No more chillin' on estates fam
Still dealin' wit' grub
No more chillin' on the pavements
Fam, I'm livin' it up, still
365 I'm grindin' leaf by my side no addict
Keep it humble but provoke me and I'll swing like a Viking
Make you speak like a violent, then you sleep in silence
We don't speak to them on there
Cause them might speak to trident , lie
Them might of [?] fade dream, all I hear is lies
Niggas don't make cream but they wanna stay schemin'
All day and night
I'm just makin' mine, I'm just makin' mine
Only got few brothers that don't look me with snaky eyes
Come along way still a distance to go
Flippin' them oz, run my own lane
Fuck the bitches and hoes like
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These other men are only breathin' cause we leave 'em to
Seekin' my freedom from these demons, while I'm preachin' truth
Voice in my head, is tellin' me to kill, tellin' me to have some
Tellin' me to chill, tellin' me to ride with a semi
Stick a knife, in the belly if you violate Jinny, then I will
Come back loud then I need to chill
Couples cats lyin' permit me for the mill
Even when I'm rhymin' I don't lie surrounded by too many liers
If the games of real life yeah
Yeah they're forgettin' what I've done, yeah they're forgettin' what I've done
And I ain't talkin' about no sex vibe, when I say that I'm wettin' up a cunt
Now the berreta won't stunt, now the berreta won't stunt, cause I ain't talkin' 'bout no pesticide when I say that, I'm into slugs
Came back buff from the dirt again, [?] come try to flirt again
Same mandem when they murdered Jim
But They ain't on no murder ting
Say they ain't on no murder ting
So put that money back where it came
I kept it humble till you ride with my cage
Nah, nah nah, never ride on the cage, battle the sage
If you do, you better handle the rage
Like, if you do, you better handle the pain
This sweet revenge has brought me back in the game, why not, and still
They don't wanna announce the kid, go feed the bandit an ounce of piff
I'm from the west of the city, but chillin' around the Mids
I've been in and out of the jail, they can't get rid of me I'll prevail
Be sinnin' without a fail, nor [?] million
Past the pay loud, pay they lout in the crime
Laugh I ain't after the streets
Great ounces for Nas, prices they can't compete
Stay out of the limelight if you can't beef
Me said stay out of the line, fire if your heart's weak
Calm and I'm calm, I'm calm, I'm calm
Fuckin' calm
2013 business
Hold tight with my brudders
Power circle
Returnin' to the motherfuckin' real
Whoop whoop whoop

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