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[Intro] L Jinny Turning the motherf**in real 2013 business Shouts to the supporters Lil' freestyle Okay [L Jinny Freestyle] Like like hold up hoes came there on my sorrow I'm a source I create the flows than any fellow With my morse holding the wages for today n tomorrow Couple of og I'm feeling big cause I'm [?] Wrote me to see with my petals Or chillin' with the nature of staring lines Foes they creep with metals they show no pity when they sleep in the dark night, like Sometimes I wish I wouldn't listen to my momma And if I did it she wouldn't live to sittin' in the sun, Uhh If I ever [?] yeah my brothers that we getting bags And if you break the code fam, yeah your mother should be wearing black Reflection in the mirror forgetting up my guilty conscience Tell me when you have to give up breaking up with ill responses I'm tryna be righteous with you, but you never understand Been ducking and hiding from the feds tryna make a 100 grand Tryna get the upper hammer while beggin than the other man Tryna get the supper from fam went to [?] my dad I'm [?] I'm sick of this livin' I'm livin' villain a** But you still wanting a million, [?] really trust Staring at that eye of the beast, bout to weather the storm I spend my life on these streets, tryna rep for the cause I can catch them nights without sleep, when I head to the morgue Am I next to be corpse brudda come venture my thoughts They don't wanna give me the recognition that I deserve They don't wanna see my record spinning, I bring life to words Harder I work, further they set me back, it's like a curse All I got in this life of sin is my nine and my word Driving round in that digger, hot meals, no Zinger Got bills to pay so them rocks bring the income No relying on em, I just drive up then pick up Dice up then flip my akhis rise up their sticks Light up the trigger on the night that he snitch yo These bruddas stuntin' but they're really broke I'm tryna put a 100 on the Richter bro I'm tryna put my mother in that bigger home Walk through my hometown looking for love He tapped me on my shoulder, told me that there wouldn't be much Cause we're surrounded by nothing but black hearts And the love is all drowned on [?] What's your intention when you look me in the eyes, buzzin'? Would you ride frontline with the nine clutchin'? Or is my life nothing? I'm not surprised, cousin All this stress and depression is pressing my b**tons Uh, now half the pharmacy's sittin' in my bloodstream Plus liquor, enough green, just wishing I buzz, please I'm sick of of this drug fiends, the pigs and the dumb beef Maybe I'm stuck for life, what's written is unseen I guess it's all just part of the plan Still I pedal the Q into half of a grand, uh I guess it's all just part of the plan Still I play the game without a card in my hand Ayo, I walk from my past tryna [?] my karma Hopeless I guess there is nuttin' that can end the drama Broken I rep the slammers but they let te nada Its been six long months since they met my father,Uh Sittin' in the cunch line trap, surfing the net, sick of this punch line rap Yeah it's cool but I need something with a deeper meaning and food for thoughts something that will keep me eating Unfortunate kid my belly hurts cause it's empty Yeah I love feeling like the world is against me Imagine getting paid when my pen bleeds instead I'm tryna make all the ends meet We livin' the reckless time we shoot em with TEC's and nine's I sippin' to stress my mind If cripples is next to line I'm sittin' in [?] laugh I wish I could press rewind I'm sippin' the liquor then piffin' the spliff while pick it to rectify Then we can [?] the villains in Britain I'm simply the best ride This kid is a miracle illest with syllables get ya to blast the mind These idiots get slept behind less [?] ties They told me I'm the hardest Gotta be ready for war these rappers are petrified They gotta pigeons since [?] I horrible mess with the boss I've only get head of the scorn Then lacking the stabbin' arrogant how much this lackin' in extra time I've written to make the [?] On twitter or Facebook gangstas Tabana [?] happen ga**ing You need really unlock yo patient you really stop the pagan k**ing my patience, preaching me off and get an ignorant observation

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