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L Jinny - Cypher Sessions lyrics

Street Deciblez, Cypher Sessions
Hold tight every man inside
Mmmmmmm mmmmmmm

[Verse 1: L Jinny]
Spittin' with the illest team
Ripping every rhythm with a guillotine
Smith & hidden in my jeans, sickest lyrics hit 'em with that killa heat
Grip a beat and rip it into smithereens
Chilling and reminiscing times spitting different rhymes
Gripping nines, piffing on that high grade
Head spinning with the migraine
This isn't a nice place listen to me cry pain
Decreasing the crime rate
Spinning all these lightweights
Gifted with the right state of mind
My rhymes make the blind see
Still I hate my life I might make the nine squeeze
Splatter out the brains of snakes rattle in the cage clap 'em in the face
If it happens to betray, hammer in my waist
I ain't rapping for a wage
Do it for the passion, influence the masses
Surrounded by fakes, who isn't an act around in this place?
Ruining my balance with ounces of grade

[Verse 2: More1]
Yeah, I want some property to own
But if I ever won the lottery got they get try on me, for dough
Nowadays it's like a robbery with flows but
Often they know that I'm the prodigy to blow huh
So on this odyssey I roll, whilst they fail horribly
Like sodomy with blokes, urgh
But more commonly got known as the one who's on top
Where they wanna be, but no
I want my colony to know, democracy's a joke
And if it ain't novel eat provoke
Then why you think its oftenly opposed
Then our economy gets broke
So in the poverty we smoke, whilst coughing on the dole
And if it ain't a bong it's a slauge, oh no
Cats are bunning to the bottom of a roach
Shotters goin' broke when their plotting on the roads
Feeling like the profit never grows

[Verse 3: Bilzar]
Got a smile on his face every time that he's taking the mic
Knowing he's 'bout to leave the whole place in surprise
Automatically they think that he'd be waste cause he's white
Who wants to battle him?
There was couple of takers in line
[Lyrics from: https:/]
He sprayed his first 16, the rest vacated the site
It's a tragedy twist, he be breaking your spine
PAs hollering, asking if he's available for nights
But he's just waiting for his status to rise
He's full throttling, blast off rocketing
No hand outs, 100 percent profiting
The type to tell you the time if u clockin' him
And playing death when your standing in front of him
Point blank hollerin' [?]
I guess you could say he is a joker
No label he can do it on his own bruv
No street team just slows the motion
Messages on Facebook, he's self promoting

[Verse 4: Tabanacle]
Struggle though this dark life, nothing but a hard time
And I ain't no plenty other kids that's livin' our lives
And everybody doing crime, out here flippin' dough
I just wanna keep her on her grind like a stripper's poll
And it's a slow road tryna progress
And everyone who claim their rappers
Every rappers, every guy in the ends
So where's the love gone? Swear they done enough wrong
Feelin' crossing over cause they made a couple love songs
I just wanna tuck, turn the pain that I feel inside
Cause if I feel it then they're probably gonna feel it right
And if they ain't hearing through it like the best do
Come back harder and I'll hit 'em with the next tune
Riser than a next few, time for the rest too
Move to the side and let me climb on the step too
Sat by the side of him, my time while the rest blew
Now I'm come back with more fire than tec do

[Verse 5: Denz-ill]
Until your tap collapse, chemicals react
Syllables, they kill a fool, family is phat
You haven't got the genetics to try and conquer the clan
When it's rap I'm the biological dad
You must be ludicrous to try to think you can act
Taking note of your quadrants, throw you off the map
You're a minor name, you weighing fibre in flames
The minute you inform piff that I've grow from the lab
There's no holding me back, let's hope D don't attack
Everything that you've got I've already matched
Just get to the top you man are calling a cab
Fuck hitching a ride, I go wings attached
Every flow I've smashed, get the dough then dash
I'm a potent lad like that breathes burning gas
Fam I'm earning cash, ask the [?]
The mic don't mean jack, I'm turning bad

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