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L Jinny - 32 Bullets For Freedom lyrics

They say I am the sorcerer of all evil
I am the reason that's bloodshed between people
I am what you eat what you wear
I am what you dreams equal
The more I am, the more you're on
I am never ended sequel
I am martyred for the yutes when the street's cold
Only a few will disregard me, the rest would mind you perfection
I have a master of deception
I have no soul you cannot murder me
Watch me put a smile on you face
Or make you repent eternally
I've even caused [?] purposely
I [?] or some just worship me
And others make up terms for me
Hurts to see me go
Every house or every pocket is my throne
Some would even risk their life to have me cloned
I am the reason troops are shooting kids with stones
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I forced [?] to put homes of mud
Our money is not part of me that isn't socked in blood
I am the art of war like Sun Tzu in the land of wisdom
I am the downfall of the system, regardless of you Muslim, Jew or christian
I am an AK-47, I am the hidden power in hand made weapon
I am the kid who fight for freedom at the age of 7
I am the shortest path to I think it's heaven
I have courage that will stands pain and torture
I am peasants that will slain and slaughtered
Watch us among my horse and riots from a far like [?], Jifara and Omar Al-Mukhtār
Silents [?] have never crossed my heart
I fought against the oppression for hundred of centuries
I am the power that was meant to be physically and mentally
Believin' that, I'm in your dreams, I stand for honour
I am hope for the hopeless, peace be upon us
But face the threats if you provoked us
For the oppressed I'm that one solution read out my glorious history
They call me revolution

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