Kyle - Doubt It lyrics

[Intro] Yeah Yeah
Yeah, she trippin’ we all know she f**in’ with king wavy
Wave yeah
[Verse 1] I know
Something only I know
I got super powers but that’s something only I know
What I want is mine if i say it in my mind tho
Keep shootin’ if I had time yeah
Do i got the time? No
sh** these n***as dream about is not even a milestone
Call up Dr. Seuss I think they running out of rhymes though
Juggin’ and finesse we forgot a hundred times though
n***as Keep repeatin’ theyself like they in a vine
In a vine
In a vine though
Why they gotta lie though?
Say them diamonds dancing homie
We know that it’s rhinestones
I don’t got a ‘rari
But my whip is really mine though
I don’t got no thotties
But I know my b**h is fine though
I’m from California
You can tell just by my Vans
My n***as about it
You can tell just by his stance
Don’t throw no subliminals
Or he’ll be throwing hands
My bro bro play baseball
I hope you know how to catch
I just earned my cue ooh
They know I’m up next
Curly headed cute cute
She send me the text
Yeah I been the dude dude
Since I made a YouTube
f** a million views
Needed views so I’m floating like I’m Mewtwo
[Hook] X2
Zoning in California
On a mountain
Higher I’m with my main thing
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She keep me grounded
Don’t test us
She with the extras
Read all about it
You ’bout it?
I really doubt it
I really doubt it
[Verse 2] Haircut like the 80’s yeah
Don’t need a Mercedes
To maneuver Uber everywhere
Bank account like …wait
Let’s not even take it there
My career don’t make it fair
Ain’t no elevator to success, I had to take the stairs
How you think I made it here?
Climbin’ climbin’
How you think you make it here?
Grindin’ grindin’
I chase after what I want
And I don’t stop to take a breath
You can’t run up on me yeah
You need to take baby baby baby baby baby steps
Who you think you playin’ with?
n***a I’m a gamer yeah
You should check my gamer tag
Fire spittin’ kitten
Who you kiddin’?
I will flame your a**
Call of duty champion
Do you know you aimin’ at?
n***a you my son f** around and I’ll rename your a**
Give you to adoption, make your momma come reclaim your a**
Well I guess that’s a little harsh
But everyone can’t be a star
Sometimes n***as gotta read the script and play they part
Aw man damn, why is that so hard?
I don’t know
I don’t know man
I just want to play Assa**in’s Creed
Give my baby what she needs
And watch my HBO shows in peace
[Hook] X2

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