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Kyle Lucas - 5 Days lyrics

[Intro: Kyle Lucas]
They say at night that's when things come alive
And when things come alive
I was high for like 3 days, came down for 2
5 day's wasted, wasted
I was high for like 3 days, came down for 2
5 day's wasted trying to escape from you

[Verse: Kyle Lucas]
I'm having a hard time balancing this music sh**
Constantly on tour still going to school and sh**
Get my degree, the f** I'm going to do with it
Get a real job, I feel like a lunatic
I'm starting to get a buzz, shawty I ain't new to this
Assuming if I walked away now man I would ruin it
Hard to say sober, I'm always in the room with it
All these different d** and then everybody's doing it
Okay f** it, chop a line i guess it now i'm cool with it
b**hes getting higher then the moon and sh**, lune eclipse
Start to see some stars, Zanny bars that got me loosing it
And everybody out here getting hammered man, that's too legit
Too legit, cool as sh**
All this drug talk that's the language that I'm fluent in
All this fluid got me zooming like I flew on in
Feeling like i'm dying while i write my own eulogy

Constantly surrounded by these dealers and fiends
Who disguised as rich guys rocking dockers with a crease
If you look in they Mercedes they got 80 OC's
That's 80 mg's, so that's 80 bucks each
A dollar a milligram, you think that's a reach?
But it's supply and demand, you fighting a disease cause
You'll pay anything to stop from all the scratching
All the shaking, all sweating, before you know sh** you an addict
Reporting to you live
I'm from the city where the d** are so potent it's just more then getting high
I mean, not the first but maybe the second time
It's like either going to be hooked for life, or you gonna die
Talk about the past makes it easier to laugh
It's easier to judge you don't even know the half
You don't even know the feeling depleting your whole stash
Walk a mile in my shoes stop you dead in your tracks

My addictive personality, it laughed at free will
I never stood a chance, all the E pills
All the weed, all syrup that's on refill
Girls in the stalls sniffing blow off of keys still
Coming down, my high it needs to re-build
Hearts racing, I'm telling it to be still
While my body is yelling 'just like please chill'
Paink**ers took, no pain got k**ed

So no wonder i ain't been to bed sober in like 10 years
Every single night I'm watching dreams turn to nightmares
I'm seeing ghosts, friends who overdosed
And a couple even k**ed themselves are hanging from a rope
And some who disappeared, that probably hurts most
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It's been like 2 years, since me and Kahle spoke
But he don't see my pain, guess he don't feel the same
He took 20 years of friendship and threw it down the drain (f** him)
So much for being brothers
So much for spending every holiday up at my house up with my father and mother
sh** I considered you family and that's rare don't even bother
Ain't no coming back from that because I can't do sh** for ya
This whole industry turned they back on me
Middle finger to your label and your faculty
Oh ya you listen to these rappers, actually
Well go and tell them all to back it up cause you don't want this rap beef

Just when you thought that i had enough
I'm back on deck like batters up
Me and my team we mad as f**
Couple things ain't adding up
Like who the f** are these new dudes?
And God dammit they rapping s**s
Listen to they tracks, I just wish they dad wrapped it up
Now we stuck
The publics so subjected to these fake a** emcees can't even form a sentence
This ain't happen over night, blood, sweat and tears
Money can't buy sk**s, ask Rich Hil

Constantly aware, constantly compared
To these rappers who ain't sh**, constipated all year
But they ain't in my vicinity
Fraction of my talent, they ain't even a tenth of me
I'm k**ing every beat sent to me
Meanwhile they kissing on my a**, Human Centipede
I don't need a yes man, I had friends
But when sh** hit the fan they found exit plans
So i'm like f** it life alters
Out here by myself, I'm a lone survivor like Mark Wahlberg
You gonna need Mossberg to try to halt this monster
I ain't gone stop till i'm on everybody's poster
All up on your girls wall, all up on her shoulders
You just gone be picking up my scraps like a vulture
And i don't f** with any new emcees
Unless you, Sugar Tongue, Marc Goone or G Eaze

The rest don't even box me in can't even hold a candle
I don't see them like they wearing f**ing camo
Like I'm Rambo when he ran out of ammo
I'm just a rabid animal in the corner I'm off the handle
Now if you don't like the show you can change the f**ing channel
While this handle of Jack Daniels the reason you get handled
It's misleading, you think i'm going to be leaving
But me and this beat beefing, i beat it for no reason

Grab the f**ing kick drum, beat it till it's bleeding
High jack, the hi hat, silence all the screaming
Sort of Silence of the Lambs, mixed with Son of Sam
And we mixed up with some misfits, we bringing all this mischief
I was bumping Dip Set, you were bumping dip sh**s
You listen to rappers who be rapping on some b**h sh**
Nothing authentic about you
I'ma start naming names come Round 2

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