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Kyle Lucas - Dead Flowers lyrics

Sittin' on a park bench one day
I'm tryna take advantage of this sunny Sunday
Instead of that norm video game gunplay
They tryna reflect and bring reality, some say
Often driftin', the thought is often missed
They're a**umed that my target is aimed at the wallet
Aimed at those dollars, flow gettin' polished
I'm doper every minute, think i cornered my market
Fans go and talk like i gave up on 'em
I guess my last mixtape it ain't enough for 'em
If i drop another one, in a month, they're over 'em
They don't know my grandma just pa**ed and i'm mournin'
They want that new freestyle next mornin'
Some more free MP3s or the next MC
They'll be knockin' down his door
And the distant thought of me was just a dream
They're asleep, still snorin'
Phone keeps ringin', i just keep ignorin'
Everybody's callin', scared cause my morbid
Thoughts keep formin', i need to escape
So i try to ventilate, now i'm rollin' down Moreland
I feel lost and then it starts pourin'
Tears start pourin'
My face starts stormin'
I hope she's lookin' down watchin' me now
See i just wanna make her proud

Come on...

Me and everything around me
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Is unstable like Chernobyl
Ready to blow at any minute
Dizzy off the SoCo
Substance abuse and the substance i use
It gives a different point of view
I'm lookin' for that substitute
And all that stuff I've put you through
It still haunts me, i'm pawnin'
No cop-out, i bought it
This heartbreak has been overrated i don't want it
So instead i wrote a song about it then i pawned it
Besides my depression
Music is the only consistent thing in my life worth mentionin'
Everything else is just a section, a fragment
So rappin' is really how my wires stay connected
But my buzz wasn't big for that freshman
In retrospect, the whole cover was a blessin'
It pushed my pen harder, minused all the tension
And now my band's signed by a legend
I'm tryna teach these kids that dreams do come true
I was like you, just a skinny kid, confused
Every path i took met with a roadblock
Almost like i'm livin' in a real life soap opera
Then i'm f**ed and the pills got worse
And they hung onto my words
See, i rap for those kids in that basement somewhere
Who rhyme, really cause their statement's unclear
I got you...

Come on...

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