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Kyle Craft - Future Midcity Massacre lyrics

Well I tried, my girl, to put you in a song
A tune to weep for when you're back
But every time the notes fall flat
Your face is made, your bags are packed
You were leaving before you were even gone

Spent lost years in the ring, we're fighting love
Now everything that came before
My wicked plea and your dreams of war
They hit me quick, they made me sore
They taught me swinging hard is not enough

So meet up with your girls in New Orleans
Tie your corset, paint your eyes and run wild through the Bourbon night
It always takes me by surprise
How effortless your good time seems to be

And I'll send you on your way without a kiss
Well, I never gave you all that much to miss
But, hell, what a time
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Now you're free babe and so am I

So move on with the mirror in your mind
Watch your style and your step
And when there's no reflection left
You'll find you've become someone else
A stranger to yourself and all mankind

And she said this rum it just don't burn me going down
Not like it did when we were young
It felt like fire across our tongues
Just like love, that all went numb
And the sweetest feelings found their own way out

So you send me on my way with cheap red wine
A bouquet of dead flowers and a thirst for twisted nights
But, fuck, what a time!
And you're beautiful but you ain't mine
You're free babe, so very free babe
And so am I, yeah so am I, yeah so am I

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