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Kronos - Aeternum Pharaos Curse lyrics

An ankhcross painted on walls since agedawn
Signs spattered with slow timedust
A gate hidden by an embracing darkness
A torch which brings light on past secret centuries
Lord pharaoh deceived by his most faithful servant
Dared to touch divine Nile princess
Suffer...Embalmed alive, no one could hear you Imothep,
Consequences last eternally

Complex unraped architecutres... Secrets handled by the sunslaves
Heiroglyphic mechanisms keycodes... Signs written by sungods
Grand millenium malediction... Blessed be the will of Jackalord
Aeternum pharaohs curse... Crossing the Nile, stream of rebirth

Forbidden sanctuaries silt up till Slavera
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Devoted to all covetousnesses when gold sparkles
Opening bej**eled box tempation
Begninning, walls moving
Worrying enless sand falling
Mighty Ra-Star retaliation

Hybrid gaolers creatures... Servants of Ra hypnotized by lies
Agelss treasures profanators... Plague spreading faster than winds
De profundis scorpio dei... Abyssus abyssum invocat
Aeternum pharaohs curse... Drowning in the Nile, stream of d**h

Batallion of justice against squadron of Horns
Blasted be the book splitting the men
Mystical guardians barred the golden gates
Time for us has come to fight

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