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K'ron - Honest Love (Explicit) lyrics

(British Female:)
So there's this guy..
His name is K'ron..
He's from the States..
I want him..

Bout damn time
I finally got to make you mine
I know that i been on your mind
You know that i been on my grind
But I just wanna see you grind
I wanna see you take your time
I wanna see you bend your spine
Put a arch in that sh**, bring it back, rewind
Take it all like you pose ta
s** it up like a soldier
Knees on your shoulders imma fold ya
Then put the pistol in the holster

Baby you da best
Baby you da greatest
I don't gotta stress (Whoah)
Cause you give that Honest Love
We ain't worried bout a ex (Whoah)
Unless we feeling X-Rated
So baby girl lets get faded
And show me that Honest Love

(Verse 2)
In love with your figure
Girl I'm one lucky a** n*gga (oh)
You wet like a river (A river)
We be making love in the mirror (oh)
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In love with your body (Your body)
In love with the way that you ride it ohhh
It's the bomb-est, Girl you love on a n*gga so honest
I know that it's real
I know that sh*t real, you do it so serious
I love how it feels
You show me your sk**s, you got me delirious
Baby imma give it you like your birthday
Baby imma give it to you in the worst way
Imma have your legs shaking like a earthquake
I better, go easy on you for the earth's sake
Got Damn


(Verse 3)
You got that honest love, can't nobody come in between
Ain't nobody involved but me and you girl
The way you on it right now, I know I'm the only one you think about
And the way you screaming and shouting I know I'm the only one you dream about
Just Ride 5x

(X-rated Sh*t)


Get it girl uh huh damn



Whoahohah Yeah

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