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Kritta - Humble Beginnings lyrics

Lately I've been conflicted tryna keep it all balanced/
Voices in my head that's the curses of my talent/
Word to Nas, now I'm turning up the Nos/
My music tells a story from a boy to a...
Came from the block Pittsburg CA/
The Bay Area, not Pittsburgh PA/
We don't carry no H I was taught to keep it G/
The P, a world where survival is the key/
30 minutes west we headed to the east/
I do this for my patnas that rose from the deep/
I do this for my patnas that came from the Rich/
I'm praying for my patnas that's loading up the clip/
It gets sick temperature risin/
This might be the last time you see the horizon/
So, if that's the case then I do this for you/
I'm heading to the top for a beautiful view/
It's to much death and to much violence/
A lot of screams but the people are ______/
One time for them brotha's locked in confinement/
Your labor is the reason for that mans retirement/
There's so much to be said but no ones saying it/
The the prison that's modern day slavery/
So is every ghetto every hood that we reppin/
The strongest weapon is control of your perception/
We got the power empower a ressurection/
I don't see no love just see affection/
I see all this hatin why the aggression/
I don't hear no lyrics just hear confessions/
Like they usher see, I'm more Disney/
The same when the times change I'm set to make history/
Insane kinda mind frame you probably won't get me/
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I'm claustrophobic so a box won't fit me/
Y'all stay in ya lanes you four wheelin/
I'll stay in the sky there's no ceilings/
Silicon heart I ain't got no feelings/
For a muthafucka tryna touch my chicken when its grilling/
They say money is the root of all evil/
It's only evil when you eating of the people/
You become evil forgetting that we equal/
Watch how they sell it, its so peaceful/
They'll paint you a picture, art is deceitful/
Charge it to the game get a a reciept fool/
I ain't tripping off the fame I know the fortune will come/
Coming up seeing the game I'm a fortunate one/
Watching this industry/
That got you playing best friend with your enemy/
While they aiming at your head like a Kennedy/
All these snakes that's why I got cat tendencies/
Y'all ain't feeling me/
I gotta live/
Call me Kritta Nickleson cuz somethings gotta give/
You may not know who I aaaaaammmmmm
One of my songs gone be your new jaaaaaaammm/
Before I end this here/
Let me make a few things clear/
This right here, is bigger then the music/
It's a new lifestyle it's a movement/
KMI, Kreative Minds Inspire/
We the gas to that little burning fire/
Inside ya/
Make you hit the road like a tire/
You can be THEY star or be a star for hire/

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