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Kodak Black - Meant For Me lyrics

I'm about to see who really for a n***a
If I ain't have no money, would you still adore a n***a?
They way you bend on me baby
They way you blow a n***a
These n***as dick ride me, don't even know a n***a
Man I'm bout to see who really meant for me
Sooner or later God finna send hint to me
And why you questioning me? That's what my b**h do
You n***as stay on my trail, look what this sh** do

[Verse 1]
Damn, you and me n***as ain't the same
I stay in my lane cus I'm just tryna stack my chain
But all you n***as lame you n***as just wanna hang
I'm in it to win it you n***as in it for the fame
It ain't the n***as, it be the hoes who really game
And hoe you just wanna f** a n***a cus my name (Kodak)
And everytime I talk my mouth blang, you know that
n***a plottin' on you for your chain
Next to me thinkin' how you want my pinky ring
Do a n***a dirty, have a n***a like damn
Your family do you dirty too, man it's a shame
Hoe do you dirty have a real n***a in pain


[Verse 2]
I'm stayin' humble, I ain't tryna have no baby momma
I ain't tryna do no more time, I'm tryna bubble
And I'm so tired of momma cryin' cus I'm in trouble
I'm tryna get her eyes, I'm a young hustler
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I lived my whole life tryna get from under
My home boys snake now, he an anaconda
I can't f** with you no more bruh, I'm just bein' honest
I just got off probation, they mad I'm (?)
Yall be ready to hate, go get some damn money
I was money hungry so I went to Benihana's
That (?) right on my plate, I told her no onions
Now I'm (?)
I be on a paper chase, I hit the store runnin'
And I love to get the money, it's gon' keep comin'
I couldn't never save it up, use to keep fumblin'
I love my brother, without him I wouldn't be nothing
(I wouldn't be sh**)


Look what this sh** do
Man, look what this sh** do
Look what that money sh** do
Look what the fame do
Look what the game do
Look what the change do
I ain't change, this sh** changed you
n***a who are you?
Look what this sh** do
What this sh** do
Look at you
Look at you, and you
Look what this sh** do
Look at you, look at him, look at her, look at them
But look at me

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