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Kodak Black - Ran Up A Check lyrics

Aye Kodak .. Yea I'm fresh out man, this that summer jam man
Yall slide this sh** 'til school start back

[Verse 1]
Look, I'm 'bout to slide on ya a**
I ain't lookin' at ya, got my eyes on the cash
Baby daddy with me, he on C cla**
Look, I k** the scene then flies on ya a**
I feel codeine in my tank .. but ima pump 89 for the gas
Summertime n***as on the grind with the slab
Overtime n***a finna ride 'til ya crash
Baby I ain't tryna make ya laugh, but call me butthead
Got my mind on ya a**
This ain't a disguise, this a mask
This ain't a Nissan, this a Jag
No surprise boy you know I'm gone spaz
All that money gettin boy you know they gone ask
I ain't finna play, put the .40 on ya a**
In a Audi thing, 240 on the dash
Ya girlfriend know we got bags
Got her in the hotel, shorty getting smashed
It's just me and my n***as having a blast, living fast, buying the things we never had
We just love stunting, we ain't never like to brag
All us thuggin', we ain't never had a dad
I did a lot of dirt in my past, later on the cell came, bit me in the a**
Lately I be hit the beat with the tab
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Lately I been doing shows back to back
Free Chattboy, free Cool
Im going hard, I ain't going back to school
Bob the Builder youngin' on the corner with the tool
Swimming in the money, what you doing in the pool?
Took flight, then I landed on the news
Playing with them bands, I ain't playing by the rules
Please stop playing girl you know how we do
Menajahtwa, bada-bing, bada-boom

Haa, this that summer jam .. go tell ya momma them
This sh** right here make you..
This sh** right here make you wanna go run up a check
This sh** right here make you wanna go put some golds in ya mouth or something..
Or go cop a foreign or something
Or get you some money, man run up a check

Kodak Bop, this the money dance
Ran up a check, get that money man
Ran up a check, I be dufflin'
Ran up a check, do the Running Man
Ran up a check, pop them rubber bands
Ran up a check, run it up again
Ran up a check, ran up a check
For my ex.. I ran up a check

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