Kodak Black - Nightmare Before Christmas  lyrics


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Kodak Black - Nightmare Before Christmas lyrics

[Intro] Jack [Verse] I tried to stay out of love ’cause I’d kill me a b*tch I’m just fu*king and thugging and getting money to lit to commit I got one ho riding my face another one riding my dick Like I’m Santa Claus I’d check a ni**a off of list I’m the nightmare before Christmas Got a fish tank with no fishes I was outside in the deep ends and even Nemo couldn’t find me I ain’t changed on nobody They don’t see me that I’m grindin’ Tryna have this ni**a packed up and cremated by this Friday You incapable of standing your ground, you ain’t solid Like a toilet stool, my diamonds don’t flush, sh*t poppin’ But we ain’t trippin’ ’cause you ain’t fu*kin’ with us, ain’t sh*t stoppin’ Now she over, coolin’ with us, when us, she dick hoppin’ Can’t be on a Kawasaki, I hate ni**as likе a Nazi I know a lot of rappers that try to say “No” to drugs, but they don’t listen Always givin’ back to youngin’s in thе hood, I know they feelings I’m a thug but I be out here spreading love like it’s the sixth After focusing on me I felt so gone on my ni**as Then I’ma ride her so I find myself in fu*ked up predicaments But they know you predicting me, low-key ni**as been hating But they benefit they have you in sh*tty situations They ‘posed to lace you, keep you straight and you the one with the paper But nowadays they probably lace you soon as the right time to snake you I’m a shot caller, I’m a shot taker MJ my baby mama so I buy her Marc Jacobs I’ma get with ya’, can’t nobody say a, ni**a I kill killers and I hate haters All these elevators steppin’ take the staircase The only way you ni**as beat me if a catch a Fed case And ain’t no going back, I’m on they ass every day I’m busy flipping sacks, she get to slang dick through yesterday My sack sh*t ain’t the problem, my dick too good, it just be slangin’ I’m posted in the hood but I’m too rich to just be hangin’ I’ma be fifty still bangin’, with the youngins throwing’ Z’s up I’m from Pompano, we P’s down and throw our three’s up She solid like my mama, where she at? I need to find her Like heard all in Dior, what’s so special ’bout designer?