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Kodak Black - My Struggle lyrics


Thank you lord I'm here, I've never met a n***a
This lil Kodak Black, b**h come capture this
Ain't put up with that, no I ain't havin' it
Been showin' too much love, no more after this
They told me I'm a star like I'm average
Cuz I be rappin but I ain't on that rappin sh**
I still be in the hood tote my strap and sh**
Stop that flaggin' that's how sh** be happenin'
Last time I let you slide, I whoop your a** b**h
Say the truth, sandwich in my mattress
Ay, where them yellow bones? I don't want no black b**h
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I'm already black, I don't need no black b**h
Put your hands up if you a bad b**h
Ay, let's go and blow a check at Saks Fifth
I said I love you? I was just on that Yak b**h
Girl you know I'm bein' sarcastic, ay
I bag her then I'm goin', daddy snitch
Girl don't call my phone with that daddy sh**
f** it I don't owe a n***a sh**
I been actually thuggin' since a jit
Remember when we was strugglin' in the bricks
n***a had to go and hit a lick
I was throwin' rocks in the ditch
Now I keep my rocks on that chain
I just wanna gain and maintain

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