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Klopfenpop - Don't Panic lyrics

Everyone ignored the exodus oceanic
Now I'm a hitchhiker, I ain't got no home planet
Got a babelfish all up in my tympanic
So know where your towel is and don't panic

MC 117:
They began it, a race of pandimensional beings
Who commissioned what they wishin' from the great Magratheans
Who designed a computer that could finally reason out
The answer that'd had a universe disagreein'

See the computer was our world and the sum of it's bases
Meant that organic life now formed a part of its matrix
Set the timer for two million years and let's bake this
And every single human's just a speck in the cake mix

Woke up this morning feeling locally threatened
When my hoopy frood Ford came and offered protection
See I didn't even know that a great answer beckoned
But after two million years we're at the very last second

Now a Vogon constructor fleet came down to wreck this
Destroying the Earth was just a box on they checklist
In my wildest dreams I could never expect this—
I've done six impossible things before breakfast


The smart ones just do what they're told, relinquish control
Don't need to listen to them, they spoke at the polls
Handed over the keys to this galactic miasma
Getting trim from here to ZZ9 plural Z alpha

‘Cuz I'm the president, but I got my own damn agenda
On an endeavor to render the infinite comprehender's
Ultimate question then make the answer align
This ain't about philosophy, man, it's about that bottom line

Trekking cross endless open spaces looking for traces of stasis
'cuz the place I'm locatin' is in hibernation
Trying to get some yeses and noes out of these maybes
But I always make time to shake hands and kiss babies

But you think I take orders from mice? That's a fallacy
This is my ship and this is my fucking galaxy
This chick was cute, but now she's trying to ruin my fun
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Man, I got 42 problems, but a hitch ain't one


I wish I was a little bit positronic
Failing that a hypersonic saw, or just a turbolift door
'Cuz though my IQ's off the chart, I have to deal with relegation
To just a metal porter sometimes used for sanitation

Just look at me for pity's sake—they built me like a car wreck
And I've got about the same maneuverability as a Dalek
Is it any wonder or surprise I'm such a mess
When I'm just a toaster in disguise... God I'm so depressed!

By design I got the intellect but aesthetically all wrong
Cause I was made by Sirius Cybernetics not Dr. Noonian Soong
There in lies my problem see I simply can't compete
With these next generation androids who have made me obsolete

And life? don't talk to me about it—I can do without it
Now I lay me down to sleep, try to count electric sheep
Be careful who you grab that hitch off, Vogons are in town
And now I guess I'll just switch off before I bring you down


Patricia is my given name, out here you call me Trillian
Earth is signed away, but yet nobody thought to fill me in
Eclectic and eccentric with the widest of eyes
Lost without a purpose in the darkest of skies

I'll get up in your face then I have a heart of gold
This depressive droid and pretty boy are starting to get old
It was adventure that I sought, and adventure that I got
Reunited with the nerdy boy so fearful and distraught

Questions, perspectives, love, improbability
Driving toward an answer while I'm filled with such uncertainty
Kidnapped and stolen; wreckless and strong
The Vogons start their droning and I know it won't be long

Till we get it all together and I'm free to spread my wings
Settling at home or exploring Saturn's rings
Plant a kiss on Arthur and the boy is flabbergasted
All I really wanted was to go to Madagascar


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