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Klopfenpop - Soul Custody lyrics

You know me, I could be your best friend
Makin' dreams come true from the east side to the west end
But perhaps an introduction's in order
Some see me as sinister, but I'm a simple soul sorter

They paint me as the bad guy, guile incarnate
Horned and mustachioed, styled in scarlet
As you can see, I'm quite well-dressed and kempt
Clean-shaven and I write off the rest as contempt

They got it out for me, but that's neither here nor there
They're the ones who made this world neither clear nor fair
And evil? I wouldn't go quite that far
I don't claim to be faultless, but we are who we are

And all I'm here do is make your dreams a reality
You wanna fly? Let me take care of gravity
Fame, power, s**? You want it then have it, see
I'm here for you, to a**ist in your depravity


Now let me level with you, it's a two-way street
You get whatever grips you, but the loot ain't free
If I'ma give you the world, I best be seeing returns:
The promise of your soul before this meeting adjourns

One-time deal, so you can take or leave it
Offer so real you couldn't make believe it
You got the rest of your life before the payment's due
…It's like no money down ‘til you're through

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It's always up to you, you could plot the devout route
Or you can go through me and get your lot without doubt
But, candy or rock whether or not you found out
It might taste sweet but it'll rot your mouth out

The paperwork's drawn up here on the desk
So if you're up for the deal, let's endorse the check
Now, while it might not be as diabolical as mine
I'ma need your signature right here on this dotted line


You made a big decision here today, my friend
The smart one, too, and that I commend
But why so worried, it's not like you're the first
A lot of clients ended up accepting the curse

That kid Nic from Genoa, used to play on the street
Plucked a mandolin so his family could eat
Just seven years old when he made the trade
Best damned fiddler to this day to play

And Little Robert Dusty from Robinsonville
He was always awful trusty and honest until
That late night by old Will Dockery's plantation
When we bartered for that musical incantation

And fair warning: after this visit's conclusion
You'll convince yourself that I was just a vivid delusion
And in time, my memory will fade to a rumor
But I'll be back to collect, later or sooner


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