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Klondike Kat - Your b**h lyrics

[Intro - Nappy]

[Official Shout - 6xPlatinum]
Money$Team f**ed yo b**h
You red motherf**er

Fingaf**in' yo chick as she gettin' undressed
Got my dick in yo girl's double d chest
Breakin' yo b**h in, got her hair lookin' a mess
Got her legs split sideways as she askin' for a rest
f** a threesome, Im givin' her the best
Got her screamin' like it's the wild wild west
Give her anymore and she finna get obsessed
Holla at me b**h, that boy from the Midwest

This girl want a piece of meat, don't be scared come take a bite
Swallow back and forth, I'mma fizz all over your face like Sprite
I'mma do it big, Sean Anderson, tonight gon' be a GOOD night
I'm Finally Famous, still got my soul, it didn't come at a price
Feelin' like Clifford Harris ballin' behind a prison cell, oh what a Hell Of A Life
Girls is freaky nowadays, in cla** a girl randomly showed me her tits, nice
Tell you the truth I got lucky like I rolled some dice
Now excuse me, I got a bad chick that wanna f** all night, aight

[Interlude - 6xPlatinum]
Seven Rolls' deep homie
Can't f** wit' it
Don't even try
JC, keep it goin'

Your plain Jane hops on my log and goes wild
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Ask Snoop, I'mma do your b**h in the doggystyle
My dick as big as the Money$Team cash pile
My flow is like your b**h's wetness, Nile
Go from South to North, West to East, inside your b**h
Nope, I never rock no f**ing jimmy, no Fever Pitch
Got these red, angry children all trying to diss
On my dick, your girl is liftthat, I'm Canibus

f** yo b**h, more than Based God claim he does
EP gettin' AIDS, it was worth the f**
Yo b**h p**y fatter then Kool Keith's mack truck
Finish f**ing your b**h in school, time to get my shirt tucked
(uh)Got that Martin Lawrence p**y, wish you could f** with Gina
Her a** is mixed with Trina and Serena, have you seen her
Got a bad ASS attitude, but her p**y game is meaner
Yo b**h p**y wet, drowned up NOLA, no Katrina

Call a b**h Zim, cause you know Frizzy invade her
See how I swim, I think I just saw an alligator
f**in' so much, got my cock in a knot
Cum on her bum, now tha block is hot
Poppin' ho's pussies, better find some towels
Not afraid to say I also break b**hes bowels
Money$Team dream queens, this is somethin' obscene
Got some new stains dude, I think it's time to dry clean

[Interlude - 6xPlatinum]
This a grand slam, b**h
Yo' b**h ain't done yet
Phlegm from ear to ear
Got your b**h wishin' she was queer
Pa** her to Klo

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