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Klever - Played lyrics

[Verse 1: Aesja]
The other day I saw you and your main
I can't believe I fell into that game
And you thought we could've
Been somebody (x3)

I might not know what I want
But I know what I need
And it's not you (x2)
No it's not you

You thought I'd be easy, like the others
I guess you
Believe in lies (x3)

Yeah, yup, you thought I was a fool (x3)
Don't got time on my schedule

And you thought we could've
Been somebody (x3)

[Chorus 1]
So you really think you can play me, like some guitar strings?
I've learned to play until it stings

[Verse 2]
I'm not a rag doll
I'm a queen
Treat me as such if you wanna be on the team
When you're off you exclaim what you think
Like I care about a thing


You weren't ever that important

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[Chorus 2]
Sometimes I get epiphanies
Of how fake people really be
But none of it was like that initially (and you're so artificial b)

[Verse 3: Lil JSean]
Um, well we keep breaking up and keep waking up to no text
And I'm shaping up and you're lacing up and keep asking 'bout my ex
When anyways I hate chasing, oh
And I'm not gonna chase you
You're not a race dude
I follow first and no follow back
It's no cape on my back I can't save you

I looked in the mirror and said f**k I'm chasing dreams
By any means
My family does depend on me
So, when you snap me I snapchat back and you close the curtains (why?)
We just keep breaking up--we're just like T-Mobile service
And I know that no one is perfect
But I like my girls like coke bottles
Bright skin like Popeyes or all white like VS models
Wait, wait let me get right back, say hold up, wait
The way she played me, baby, was like April, 1 '08

[Lil JSean] and [Bridge: Aesja]
Running, running right back-pause
That's the way how I play you now
No, we're not playing basketball, but the sh*t you did back then was foul
I rest my case
'Gon and stack and stack it up like wedding cakes it's no reply
Yeah it's no reply [Aesja: No Reply]
I changed your name to "No Reply", man

[Chorus 3: Aesja]
Sometimes I get epiphanies
Of how fake people really be
So you really think
You can play me(x2)

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