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Klever - Before I fall To Pieces lyrics

Ayo, You know, there are times in life
When you keep colliding into walls, Wall after wall
But it all depends on how fast you bounce back
And keep going, you know what I mean, you gotta stand back up
No matter how far you fell down and bounce off that wall
Before..Before you fall to pieces

Is anybody out there
I've been standing too long by myself
Feels like I'm going insane
Somebody help me (ooh oh ooh)
(fallin fallin …)
Somebody catch me cos I'm falling
(fallin fallin …)

My brother at the door and I woke up kinda sore
Still hungover from the night before
He is back with the sack of coke
We sniff it, get high
The moment we live it
But wallow and get carried away with it
It's not what we both wanted, is it?
Was it a moon we wanted to visit?
Yah dream chasing I bet u miss it
But If I had real eyes, I would've realized with it
That all that “nothing will go wrong because of sniffing”
It is all real lies, isn't it?
Now it's all tying to the migraine in my brain I'm bearin'
My vision blurrin'
Every bad decision I've made in my life
An image of it reoccurin'
But it all took a turn in
To the worst and now I feel pathetic
Having this headache
Because the drug I won't let it go
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But from now on the limbo bar
I'll never set it low
I'll stand up and don't ask me where I'm headed though
And when the moment freezes
Even if you can't stand up
Remember pain soon eases
Come on bro, put your head up, get up
Before we both fall to pieces


[Verse2:D.A. Cobra]
Ayo bro…
Have you ever had that dream where you die
Only to realize you in your bed sleepin'
You can fly be free suddenly you fall
From the sky and not know why you still breathing
Seems like yesterday you wiped my eye cos all hope was leavin'
From a toddler to toddler we were together grievin'
Yeh got your back brotha a brotherhood was weavin'
When our future was leavin' and for that sh** we were thievin'
Wish the dealer gets choked with coke poisoned with crack while relievin'
Get plastered with Ecstacy and throw up his Maro
Bleedin' With a bottle of Jack
And speed come out of his a** like he was sneezing
Look at us, one for all and all for one
Live together die together live while we are still young
Speed makes you invincible then oh why our time has come
Think bro what would our mama say if she saw what we have done?
Drop out of school, think we are cool rob 7-Eleven to get some blunt… money
Livin' day by day can't even remember last thing we found funny
We were just two chunks of meat thrown to the world
Hanging everyday looking for the 5 grams of crack furled
Get drunk and high cos we didn't have no girl
A girl to kiss you and your heart ceases
My brother we got to bounce back
Before we both fall to pieces


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