Kiss Daniel - Sin City lyrics

Sin City lyrics


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[Verse 1] I say bad man dapper than them That’s the reason them vex That’s the reason them block my way The reason them sketchy Bad man sharper than them That’s the reason I pray That’s the reason I up my game The reason I play safe Dexter in the city in between We’re makin’ milli-billi ya Follow the baba Far do ain’t new to this Started from the ghetto zero to hero We k**ed them all finally, baba Wan lo ti shey e’mi far do the prodigy Advertisement [Bridge] I can’t shout, can’t k** a man I can take another brother Girl straight to bed Me freaky Welcome to sin city [Hook] I say, Kiku ma pa mother mi I say, Kiku ma pa father mi [Verse 2] I say they can’t believe that I smoke no Kush That I’m the one them choose Not that other guys ain’t cool but Cool push me and I cool Who push them Finally, if I don’t see past them I no know them but still fams them Poku l’owo mi and I still dash them Bad boy team, nobody die Ka lo l’olumo ka lo mu tonic & gin Hills don’t scare me, tonic & gin [Hook] I say, Kiku ma pa mother mi I say, Kiku ma pa father mi

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