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#KinGSimZ - SimZ lyrics

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/Verse:1:SimZ/ /It All started in November '94,my parents made me raw/ /then in 95,my momma bore,a n**ur full of flawz/ /f**,tha shiiit I saw,It was soo much more/ /than I cud endure,music made me strong/ /rhyme til I'm gone,I dreamt of playin' ball/ /don't rap and all, document my comin' fall/ /people caught in Awe/ /Naw .. Gla** stuck on me,now I'm scarface/ /see now daddy was a smoker/ /no mistake I started too,now I'm tarface/ /Childhood in scraps tried ta remember,now I rummage/ /Used ta play rough,asthma attack in a scrimmage/ /I even nearly died,at tha youngest age/ /SimZ nearly didn't exist,tha scared brave/ /see now I was special,no impediments/ /never been artificial,juss tryna stay relevant/ /content on prophet,yu know I speak heaven-sent/ /always tried ta be real,I got this shiiit ma**acred/ / /Verse:2:SimZ/ /See now n***a went n Grew.. n***a trouble in High school../ /See now,n***a thiiinkin' he cool,n***a bunkin' school/ /I damn well started ta screw,started ta sip on brew/ /one day I had a few,suddenly n***a felt new/ /feelin' made me wanna try shrooms/ /started crushin' trees,then I blew/ /See now SimZ belong ta a crew, 3KingZ ,what I threw/ /Third eye vision came thru,venomous flows started ta spew/ /Content soo tru its a documentary,I'm tha director/ /Hip-Hop a drug,watch out,I might inject ya/ /Hoez started ta show interest,tellin' me "insert there"/ /"kiss here n there",love bug myta bit ya/ / Verse:3:SimZ/ /Its SimZ tha present day Rapper,I'm flowin' n showin' these fans I'm dope now/ /My third Eye vision on sight,I'm dreamin' and seein' tha gold in my life now/ /Born on 1 July,I'm a Cancer/ /tha side step on tha moon,I'm lunar/ /f** tha haters when I was wacker,Its '95 til I Die/ /rhyme around,only my soul shine/ /my soul glow gold,so my words gon' shine/ /I'm obsessed with Star signs,propaganda, minds workin' overtime/ /since I learned how ta write,tha government shud fright/ /I'mma put they deeds in tha light,I'm a monster/ /its SimZ tha chakra master,ever wondered why my name sound like SinZ?/ /this Song is called SimZ by SimZ,95 til I D I E/ /spit till I'm gone,spit til I'm number one/ /Margate is where I'm from,twistin' my fingaz,makin' 3z/ /SimZ/

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