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KingGregory - Black Boy lyrics

I sent flower but u said you never receive em
All my lies were true and you believe em
This girl is a real d*ck pleaser
she fake and she doesn't make a boy please her
f*ck her and her 22 sneaker
El Chopo went crazy like La quica
young people always looking for a soul mate
but I shoulda listen to what momma told me
Carry on boo, shade dita
im to high to give a sh*t bout PETA!
[Verse 1]
Weed so strong im not blinking
What in the world was I thinking
New day, new money to be made
New things that make fade away
im a f*ckin black boy
big and strong
red seats in the rari
always f*ck her like sorry
Who tf gon protect him?
if I really gotta fight him
peter piper picked a pepper
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Her cake is triple decker's
Black Boy, oh
Black Boy, oh
(yeah, oh, oh, oh, oh)
Black Boy, oh
[Verse 2]
I see these silly girl flexin, it a no zone
they going to be river like they know Joan
Charlotte boy, Donald Trump wants me go home
They said they gotta hit record I said ooouuu sh*t
Pick up my phone cause I had to call bullsh*t
These people having nightmares on my new sh*t
These people is p*ssy and they don't do sh*t
hahahahaha they don't do sh*t
[Verse 3]
Now usually im the baddest, usually im the realest
usually im the flyest, usually you're the stewardess
we not playing ball but usually its some shooters
Are these people drunk? Are these people lucid?
Go against King you're career will be elusive
Where at u now? Where you live? Wanna fight now?!
N*ggas scared now, they backing down NOW!
(Yeah, oh, oh, oh, oh yeah, oh, oh, oh, oh)

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